Jos De la Paz seduces Miami with his project

The peculiar history of Miami, its hybrid and different essence, is woven with special fiber and polychrome of the people who come to our city to restart life. The inspiring achievements of some of these people and experience that have passed – Josvel De La Paz, for example – are often worthy of the big screen.

This young Cuban has become one of the most creative innovators of our community, something he never dreamed when in 1994, just turned 11, he jumped into the sea with his parents on a boat of scrap metal , homebuilt of 18 feet Mercedes Benz engine from the time of his grandparents. They left behind his life in Sagua la Grande, where he was born; the work of his mother, Alicia Alvarez, who made shoes “flats” of vinyl and rubber soles bicycles or cars, and his father, Naldo De la Paz, welder and fisherman. After dodging storms and nearly dying of hunger and thirst, they were stranded on an island in the Bahamas, where they were rescued by Los Hermanos al Rescate.

Jos, as he is nicknamed by family and friends – grew up and studied in Hialeah, worked in construction and a baggage handler at the airport until he discovered his passion for design. He became a Graphic designer in the Miami International University of Art & Design. Became a major role of companies like New York-based Rocket Dog, Heys USA luggage in which his advertising design were published in magazines such as Ocean Drive, Gotham and W. One of his designs for Heys USA was even printed in a Collection of hand luggage is still in stores and airports. At 33 years, the Cuban designer now lives in Brickell with his better half, US Mary-Kathryn Tantum, a technology expert who founded, a design company, creating applications and websites. In his spare time, he paints and creates multimedia pieces.

20 years after exile, Jos returned home in 2013. The reunion with his roots, his neighborhood, his childhood friends; with the beauty of art and Cuban people … it was a kind of inner tsunami for him. As an artist, he witness the harsh reality of Cuban artist (without resources, without hope, unable to sell, without freedom) was too much. Thus it was born his project, a website that sells works by Cuban artists. Its goal is to provide access to a key technology to change their lives, to create their own businesses and sell their works online. “I know that with this project, I am helping to build a different future for my island,” he says. So be it!

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Jos De la Paz seduce a Miami con su proyecto

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